Arthur Benjamin

"I’m a Mathemagician, it means that I combine my love of math and magic to do something I name ‘Matemagics’."

What is the square root of 78,308? This may seem like a simple mathematic equation, but if we don’t have access to a 10-digit calculator, finding the answer may take a little more time. This is where Mathematics professor, Arthur Benjamin, comes in. He can solve this equation in just a few seconds using only his mind. He can also make an accurate guess of the month and day in which you were born.

How does he do it? With Mathemagic, his astonishing combination of magic and math. Benjamin is a human calculator, and represents the multiple possibilities of the brain.

Benjamin is professor of Mathematics, specializes in combinatorics and is professor at Harvey Mudd College. He is the first mathematician to have been featured on the Colbert Report and The Mathematical Association of America distinguished him for teaching in 1999 and 2000.

He also filmed a series of The Teaching Company lectures called The Joy of Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics and The Secrets of Mental Math.